Thursday, 8 January 2015

Awngate in a Part-Work

You may remember a couple of years ago one of those part-work magazines starting up, enabling the subscriber to build a model railway step-by-step. Issue one came with a "free" coach for a bargain price - and I admit to picking up a couple for my son's train-set!

Anyway, if you subscribed to Your Model Railway Village and have got as far as issue 56 (by which point I trust the layout is developing nicely) you'll be reading about Awngate! Yes my little 009 layout has made it into print. The publisher has done a very nice job of presenting my short article and photos over a 4-page spread, the text introduces 009 and hopefully shows how a layout can be built in a small space in any home.

And if you've found this blog as a result of the article then welcome!

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Phil Parker said...

I've writen a few pieces for them and the results look smashing on the page. Don't know about the model railway, but the magazine is pretty good.