Monday 20 September 2010

All Aboard The Railcar

The final job for the railcar was to fit some passengers. Long ago I got a bulk pack of seated people, and I can't remember where they are from - possibly Preiser. Anyway a handful were selected (we don't want it to look too crowded do we?) and promptly had their legs amputated! You may recall that the floor of the railcar is in fact at seat height, to clear the chassis. Basic painting was all that was required before gluing them in.

The trouble is that this railcar has two driving ends, so at one end there is a uniformed man seated in the driving position (by the door), at the other a uniformed man is standing by the driving position. Let's just say that one is the ticket inspector ...!

So the railcar is now complete, although I may glue the roof on with a spot of PVA.
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Thursday 16 September 2010

Worthing Exhibition Photo Update

I have got around to updating the photo's from the Worthing show on Saturday, click here to see them all.

The best bit of the show for my 3-year old boy was the Thomas train set, which he could have a go at! N-gauge this time for a change.

Saturday 11 September 2010

Worthing Exhibition

Just got back from a short family holiday (of which more to follow!), that plus a busy time at work means not much modelling progress recently. However I did get over to the Worthing Model Railway Exhibition today. A good show, probably the highest overall quality of layouts I have ever seen at that show - although last year was good too. Perhaps I am biased given that there were no less than 5 narrow-gauge layouts there, two of them in 009! Certainly a good showing for a local show. However the SG layouts were impressive too.

Last week was my Birthday which resulted in a new camera. Still a compact for convenience and practicality, but with a big zoom, but most importantly (for this blog!) image stabilisation. It does seem to work, and I'm sure you'll notice the improvement in quality of the photo's taken at model railway shows. Especially while holding onto an errant 3-year-old! So here are a selection of photos from the show, I may upload the lot if I get time.