Saturday, 23 November 2013


There will be a slight interruption to modelling proceedings...

...Hopefully normal service will be restored before too long!


Christopher Payne said...


Recalling the time when 31 and a large bit years ago I too moved house (+ Mrs P, 2 sons, and the first of two daughters who at the time was but a babe in arms) I trust all has gone well and soon you will be well settled.

My compliments to you and Mrs C at what I appreciate will have been a time of some stress.

Best wishes

Christopher Payne

PS I am not a robot.

Chris Ford said...

Blimey that's a big wagon. We go all our stuff in the back od a Fiat Panda.

Hope all goes well. There is a cardboard bin at the end of the dump that you will get to know very well in the coming weeks.
Good Luck

Iain Robinson said...

All the best, Michael, with the move,

Michael Campbell said...

Thanks folks. The move seemed to go as smoothly as we could hope, though there are still plenty of boxes to unload and now a long list of jobs to do...

Yes Chris, that wagon was properly full! We have too much stuff, kids toys account for a a lot of it, though I can't moan because a fair amount is my railway books/magazines/tools /materials/projects!