Sunday, 3 November 2013

EXPO-NG 2013 - The other layouts!

There were lots of other good layouts at EXPO-NG too, I mean the invited layouts! One I had been looking forward to seeing was Nottery Quay (009) by Chris O'Donoghue, as this featured in the 009 News in my early days of 009 modelling. It is still a brilliant little layout and a classic example of getting atmosphere into a small model, and despite appearances it is definitely Not Rye.

The other end of the same layout is Shell Bay, the opposite extreme in that instead of a busy harbour scene it is a desolate sand dune, with an amazing sense of space in a very small area.

Minibury Abbas by Chris Krupa is another 009 layout than inspired me in my early modelling days, so much so that I pinched the track plan for my layout Boxton, which was designed to fit a caravan locker but built to take to university. It was nice to see the layout again and great to see it looks and runs as well as I remembered!

Grindley Brook (009) by Tim Ellis is a layout I have followed on the NGRM Forum, Tim not only clearly has a great skill with the scenic work but also builds superb model locos, far too many for the layout so there was a display cabinet full too.

Tim certainly has an eye for detail, it's hard to believe the scene below is in a space less than 6" x 12".

Also on display was another of Tim's models, this workshop in O9 represents that of a miniature pleasure railway. This is the level of detail often seen in Gn15 layouts.

On a completely different note this model in 7mm scale by Bernard Junk (gauge unspecified... I suppose it counts as Narrow)  is of Le monorail Lartigue. Yes the French prototype for this monorail did actually exist, and a better known similar system using the same principle also existed in Ireland. And yes, this model actually worked - how I have no idea, but with a significant wobble as it went!

I could go on and on, because there were many superb layouts, but I will leave you with a link to the full set my photos - click the link below. Enjoy!
EXPO-NG 2013

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