Thursday, 20 October 2011

Final details for Awngate

I've already mentioned that one of the tasks ongoing over the last couple of months has been the preparation and painting of a number of details. The fun part is adding them to the layout to complete the scene. I really don't want to over-crowd the layout - after all it is a very small layout, and meant to represent a quiet tramway - but it is also an urban scene, and I do want the railway to appear to be serving it's community.

So the details include a few more figures, fire buckets, a platform chocolate machine (can you even see it?), and signs of goods traffic including coal being bagged and loaded onto a lorry. There is also coal in the factory yard and on a (newly made) coal stage, with loco ash nearby. Despite the urban backdrop there are sheep in the field in the foreground, and sharp eyes might spot a rabbit, hare, rabbit, hedgehog, and three birds ...

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Iain Robinson said...

I've been enjoying reading through your posts...these photos are excellent and the setting is wonderful. As you mentioned in another post, the environs outside the railway fence are so important for believability.