Sunday, 23 August 2009

Up, up, and away!

Another off-topic post, but yesterday I took my little boy to the local airshow at Shoreham. Despite seeing and hearing planes roar and buzz overhead on their way to and from the show for the last 10 summers, I had never been, so it was great to get a chance to have a look up close and see the action. For those that are interested there are a selection of photo's below, the make a change to the usual model railway shows! But don't worry, Railway-related posts will resume shortly!

Shoreham Airshow is themed "Battle of Britain" so there is a strong WWII presence, with Spitfires, Hurricanes, Messerschmitts (they need something to pretend to shoot down!):
There were some American planes too, Mustangs and this P40 Kittyhawk:
The B17 was magnificent:
As was the Lancaster:
The highlight for many was the Vulcan bomber, even though it was clearly flying slowly at part-throttle it was quite awesome, flying amazingly low and close:
The Navy turned up too and did some crazy stunts with a pair of Lynx helicopters:
There were other displays too, including acrobatics, wing-walking, parachutists, and some WWI bi- and tri-planes (replicas). A great day out, and worth a little sunburn! My boy loved it too, though he found the Typhoon a bit too noisy on full afterburner! (Amazing what that plane can do, but the picture's weren't great). These aeroplane enthusiasts know how to put on a show.
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Ian Holmes said...

I remember when I was at Lincoln art College quite a few years ago now. The Lancaster could be seen flying over the city quite often. What a fantastic sound from those engines.

Michael Campbell said...

Yes, but the Typhoon was noiser with full afterburner on! :-)

Iain Robinson said...

Avro old one used to fly over our house in the sixties ... we lived near Woodford aerodrome for a while. I built the Airfix kit when I was ten and constantly drew the plane. Just my roundabout way of saying thanks for posting these shots, I enjoyed the post.