Thursday, 13 August 2009

More pictures of Awngate

I had the camera out tonight so took the oppotunity to take some more pictures of Awngate, from some unusual angles. There hasn't been any actual progress you understand ...

A close-up of the station, the porter and a solitary passenger await the next train. I had to take the platform roof off to get enough light on the platform! The noticeboard could do with some signs, the platform could use a few more trunks and luggage (but mustn't over-do-it, this isn't exactly Euston!), also the yard could do with detailing - coal and goods. The wagon is a Dundas GVT open, at just over an inch long those Microtrains couplers are still unobtrusive.

This is the rarely seen right-hand end of the layout, where eventually I will build a loco shed to hide the "hole-in-the-sky" where mainline reaches the fiddle yard! It will probably be brick-built with a water-tower on top to help hide that hole. The loco is a freelance tram inspired by the Tralee and Dingle 2-6-2's, somewhat smaller and much shorter. It runs on a Bachmann Plymouth chassis, the slot in the bufferbeam was for the DG couplers I used to use, I haven't yet tried fitting Microtrains buckeyes to this loco. Another job ...

Tea break at the factory yard. The GVT tram runs on a Halling chassis, a superb runner. This loco would go so slow it could take 5 minutes to traverse the layout!

"Lucy Ann" arrives with the evening train while the Peckett shunts the goods shed. I really must get some nameplates etched too! The coach is a Mikes Models Corris kit, I even put passengers in!

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