Friday, 21 August 2009

Pen-Y-Bryn Cleanup

A couple of poor camera-phone shots of Pen-Y-Bryn after the mice have gone. I've removed some details and people and vacuumed up the mouse-droppings and polystyrene, the remaining damage is not too bad. The orange flecks on the cliffs are where the cork-bark has been nibbled, as has the bark off some of the logs. The ballast has come away in places, and the grass and shrubbery could do with freshening up.

I've decided to see if there is any interest in buying the layout, if not I'll have to think about better storage. I think I might be able to get it through the loft hatch, but not with the ladder in place! I'll have to do something soon though, my wife will tire of it sitting on top of the laundry basket ...

On another note I have come accross a couple more Blogs of interest recently, links are in the BlogRoll!

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