Sunday, 8 March 2020

Wealden Railway Group show - Lancing

Yesterday was the annual show by the Wealden Railway Group in Lancing. Although a general show the group promote small layouts, and narrow gauge featured so I will round-up a few of those here.

A favourite is Vale Quarry by John Bruce, a 009 shunting layout that is very nicely modelled and runs beautifully.

The gate closes to limit the train length when shunting. The locos are characterful too.

Greg Dodsworth's Felsham Lane is a very compact yet surprisingly interesting O16.5 layout.

Stuan House by Ian Roberts is inspired by the railway at the Dalmunzie Hotel in Scotland.

Built in the unusual scale of 1:32 (which uses 16.5mm gauge to represent 2' gauge) it includes nicely built models of the Simplex locos and carriages, and features prototypical loads... not a model for vegans!

Then there was Rainbow Rock... and why not? Yes it isn't a serious layout but it was well crafted and imaginative, and popular with the kids!

This small friendly show was ideal for a first showing of Loctern Quay. I have spent the last week or so preparing (which I will post more on later) so I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

The wagon cards and operation worked well, and it proved interesting to operate too. It was also nice to get lots of positive feedback and interest from visitors. Other than a couple of troublesome trucks there were no issues.

So a good show, and a successful debut show for Loctern Quay.

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