Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Lock, stock and barrel

Loctern Quay is now finished! In fact it was finished a few days before the deadline for the 009 Society competition, thanks to a big push over the last few weeks. Anyway, with my entry now in, here are some pictures of the final result.

As displayed with short legs and lighting, I got a name for the fascia from Vinyl Lettering Online, which finishes it off nicely. The paint, lighting, and name are all as we did with Slugworth & Co.

A general view across the yard, with the final details and a few people in place. I found some old Tiny Signs packs, and got carried away with the enamel adverts - which suggest the building in the centre is a newsagent and tobacconist, although we can't see the front.

The other end of the yard, a pleasing composition I think. I've aimed for signs of life but not too busy, as befits a backwater.

The other end of the layout. Perhaps it could use a tree right at the end, it's a bit abrupt right now, but it would have to be a carefully selected/made tree to fit.

One of my favourite views, even without trains!

The first exhibition for the layout is this Saturday, held by the Wealden Railway Group in Lancing, West Sussex. It's always a good friendly show, so do come along if you can

The past week or so I have been busy with wagons, checking couplings, etc., so i hope I will be ready. More on that soon.


James H said...

Absolutely wonderful Michael I love the composition!

neil whitehead said...


KCD said...

Wow!!! Just Wow!!

Woody said...

Brilliant layout. One to be proud of and no doubt will attract a lot of attention at the exhibition and rightly so.


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