Sunday, 28 April 2019

Lighting pelmet for Hexworthy

The fine weather last weekend gave me an opportunity to do a woodwork task, the lighting rig for Hexworthy. For something apparently simple it turned out to be quite fiddly, and with other distractions I had to finish it off today. I'm quite pleased with the result, framing the layout neatly, with a curved front that matches the convex fascia of the layout - that being one of the compleixties!

It is simply two pieces of 3mm ply in an L shape, which makes it surprisingly rigid and hopefully will resist any tendency to warp. The curved front edge of the elongated "D" shape top piece holds the curve, the blocks of wood allow them to be screwed together, and the triangles of thicker ply hold them at 90 degrees.

I fitted wooden blocks to the top edge of the ends of the layout that sit just inside the ends of the lighting rig, which slots on top. A bolt is passed through the holes into the block, which has a fixed "tee" nut in the inner side, so the lighting pelmet is secured to the layout at both ends.

To avoid shadows at the front of the layout I wanted to have the lighting set as far forward as possible, so it can be fitted overhanging by 1.5". We'll see how well this works when I fit the lighting.

However installed on it's shelf at home the overhanging lighting pelmet might be a nuisance, so a second set of bolt holes allow it to be set back flush against the layout.

It just needs lights fitted now, though I should paint the woodwork before going much further.

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