Saturday, 1 September 2018

Launceston Steam Railway

I'm just back from a trip to Cornwall, where I managed to get to the Launceston Steam Railway for the first time since my childhood. This is a preservation era line built to 2' gauge on a standard gauge trackbed and using (mainly) "Quarry Hunslet" locos rescued from the Welsh slate quarries.


Despite its "modernity" I love the way that this little railway has developed a character of its own, from the "tramway" style carriages to the buildings made with traditional materials, quirky track layout, and the clutter around the workshops.


The ride is not very long, but long enough and very pleasant.


Even the loco shed and the water crane seem to have a particular character - simple and purposeful structures with a little style.



A tantalising view of a more substantial loco shed, reached by a steep and sharply curved kick-back track from another steep and sharply-curved siding.


Old farm buildings have been re-purposed as museum/storage/workshop spaces reached by the steep curved siding and various spurs. Yet these delightfully dilapidated MOD wagons are stored off the tracks...


Well worth a visit, and with a train ticket you get a discount on a cream tea in the cafe...!


KEV. Robertson. said...

Lovely- thank heavens for Preservation Societies.

Andy Leaning said...

I spent the last weekend of August in Cornwall and took the opportunity to explore the Pentewan Railway. Not a lot left of it now but when running it was a (the only?) narrow gauge line in Cornwall. It carried China line from St Austel down to Pentewan Harbour. Thinking of building an 009 layout of it. Wish I'd checked Launceston!