Monday, 21 December 2015

The Night Mail

Recently it was my Son's Birthday. He's been asking for the Mallard for some time, so despite being surprisingly tricky to find right now (it had to be blue, apparently) we managed to get him one. While ordering I discovered Hornby still do the Night Mail coach. Now when I was a kid I remember playing with one at a friends, thinking it was so cool, but never got one myself - so I had to get my son one!

This is based on the mail coaches that used to run along the main-lines, picking up mail, sorting it, and dropping it off all without stopping, speeding through the night. That sounds exciting, but the reason I'd thought it so cool was that it operates; it is supplied with some small red mail-bags, a track-side hook and reception bin. Ramps fixed in the track actuate levers under the coach causing it to grab the mail-bad from the hook with a plastic "net", and drop it in the reception bin with another plastic "net".

Well as I can't show that with photos, for the first time on this blog, let's try a video:

All great fun - and yes my Son likes it too! 

Not much actual modelling to report recently - the run up to Christmas always seems so hectic. So Happy Christmas, and back to modelling in the new year! 

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Mark said...

I had the LMS version (which I see is now discontinued) when I was a kid. In fact I still have it packed safely away and yes it is a lot of fun to play with, even now :)