Friday, 20 November 2015

Last Train to Evaleight

Expo-NG was billed as the last showing of the Upsands Downs & Evaleight Railway, so it was appropriate to run a last train along the complete line. Thus towards the end of the show an unusual consist was formed at Upsands Harbour, with 8 coaches it was double the length of a regular train. It was both double-headed and banked by three Hunslet 2-6-0 tanks rather similar (but very slightly smaller) than those on the Tralee & Dingle Railway.

Shortly after leaving Upsands the train comes to Gryndene Halt.

The lead loco proudly carries a suitable commemorative headboard courtesy of Narrow Planet.

At Wharf Cut (if you are thinking that station name is missing an awful pun, the W has fallen off the sign) the special train passes a quarry train returning from the brickworks, presumably for the last time. Of course the train is too long for the loop, so other trains had to be diverted to the fiddle yard to clear the line.

The viaduct is usually a good place to photo a train, but this one doesn't fit in shot.

After the final tunnel the special train passes the brickworks, where the battered diesel shunter is parked up. Here we just get a glimpse of the banker loco just exiting the tunnel, but the strain of three mechanisms started to trip the controller so the banker was decoupled here.

Crossing the level crossing on the curve into Evaleight, the railway PW depot is in the foreground.

Entering the station, with the goods yard to the left.

The "last" train actually managed a few trips up and down the line by the end of the show.

So what now for Evaleight? Well there are no immediate plans, but a new smaller and more easily transported layout is being planned. Meanwhile the smaller modules (Evaleight and Upsands) may still get exhibited individually, subject to sufficient estate cars being available, and there is a proposal to rebuilt parts of the layout to allow a smaller version to emerge - so not all of it will get sold or broken up.

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