Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas is a time for receiving...

Well Christmas is much more than that of course, but I did receive several excellent gifts of relevance to this blog!

I had an airbrush as a teenager but after a couple of cans of propellant I gave up. Having read George Dent's book (which I was given for my birthday) I thought it time I tried again. This time having been given a compressor and a more suitable airbrush I feel better equipped - looking forward to giving it a try! I also got some Vallejo paints to use with it.

My first Peco R-T-R product, one of their lovely coaches. I'll admit it isn't really at home at Awngate though!

Other gifts included a couple of RNAD wagon kits, a Knightwing kit for an Atkinson steam lorry, and a guillotine cutter - which should be useful for plasticard.

Christmas has included much time spent with family around the country, but so far no modelling. I hope you enjoyed yours, and wish you a happy new year!


Mikkel said...

Looks like it was a good christmas! The L&B coach does look good. I hope Peco will have success with this series, it's so tempting to have a go with a bit of NG modelling

Have a happy new year.

Michael Campbell said...

It's never been better to have a go at 009. The Peco coach is lovely, and they are developing a good range. The Minitrains stuff runs well and there are two 009 locos in the pipeline! There are lots of quality kits that are not difficult too, so why not give it a go?

Claus Nielsen said...

What a load of modelling gifts. If I want that kind of stuff I have to buy it myself! Hope to see some results on this blog later.

Have a happy 2016