Saturday, 7 November 2009

Southwold at the Lancing Show

The local group of the N-Gauge Society hold an annual show not so far from me, and as they invite layouts in other scales too it is worth a visit. I have to say N gauge doesn't grab me, but then it is ideal for main-line trains and they are not my main interest. Having said that, London Underground is not an interest of mine either but the OO layout "Abbey Road" was superb, nicely detailed with a frequent service of colourful trains, great for my 2-year old too!

My friend Simon Wilson from the Sussex Downs 009 group was exhibiting his layout Southwold, based on the 3' gauge line that once ran to Southwold. Simon uses 009, which feels in keeping with the small stock the line used even though by rights it should be 12mm gauge, and runs various loco's and stock as well as models of the line's original stock. The relatively large area of the layout has been used to give feel of the train in the landscape, and getting down to eye level to look across the fields to the next station (there are 3 on the layout!) there are some great views.

Simon was awarded the Best In Show trophy - well deserved I say, even if the gremlins had been attacking the running (board joints need attention!).

Although I have seen the layout before I took the opportunity while there was good light, few people about (well, less than EXPO!) and my toddler was distracted (!) to get some photos. You can see more photos from the show and of Southwold here.


Chris Ford said...

I think 'frequent service' is the key phrase here. Not a concept that people have grasped at exhibitions generally.

Michael Campbell said...

Too true. I'm happy to watch a bit of shunting, but I'd like to see trains running, and the bigger the layout the more that is expected. The paying public - especially the kids - demand it! Sadly all too often I've seen exhibition layouts static while "fiddling" (or worse, chatting) goes on behind the scenes!

As I said the N-gauge modular layout is not my thing, but at least there is always something (usually unprototypical, out of context, but colourful) running!

Zabdiel said...

I used to like that N-gauge modular layout, it always used to be fairly central at Brighton Modelworld, and there were usually some nicely modelled scenes. I went to the Lancing show as a teenager once and I remember being quite tempted to try N gauge!