Monday 11 September 2023

No crossed wires

As noted, the wall-wart 16V AC transformers have a very similar plug to the 12V DC power supplies used for the LED lighting. Clearly plugging in the wrong power supply could be bad (for the lights), so clear labelling is needed. 

I already colour code my controller (5-pin DIN) plugs red, and the power-box leads (6-pin DIN) blue. As previously explained, Slugworth can now run either from the power-box with the controller plugged into that, and the blue 6-pin DIN plugged into the layout, or with the controller plugged into the layout and a 16V AC supply connected. Here the 6-pin socket is coded blue (no AC) or red (with AC), with the controller plug (red) in place, and the 16V plug and socket coded yellow and labelled AC. 

The LED lighting plug and socket on the other hand is coded green and labelled DC. No confusion there. 

The AC supply into the "mini power-pack" for Loctern Quay is also coded yellow, the transformers being interchangable between layouts. 

And the Loctern Quay lighting supply is coded green. Simples!

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Phil Parker said...

There are several pin layouts for DIN plugs, so I try to stick to one for controllers and any other for other things. As you say, it's not hard to mix them up, especially when setting up at a show!