Friday 8 September 2023


For my birthday recently my wife got me a very nice present...

Blanche is a "mainline" class Hunslet 040ST from Penrhyn quarry, and this superb model is by Bachmann. It has a high level of fine detail, and a crisp finish including delicate lining. The prototype's outside frames and unusual inclined cylinders with con-rods inside the coupling rods give this model real character and elegance. 

The cab interior is detailed too, and if you look closely you can see a glow in the firebox, this provides a flickering light in the cab as the loco moves. There are also etched plates in the box to be be fitted. As with recent Bachmann models the running is every bit as good as the looks too, smooth and controllable down to a crawl, and being a little heavier than recent Bachmann offerings it should be quite capable. 

While I have pictured the loco on Loctern Quay, it's a little large (long overhangs) for Loctern and of course has the wrong couplings, I've found it difficult to fit Microtrains couplings to Bachmann locos. It will earn it's keep on Hexworthy in due course where it's fine lining will suit preservation era passenger trains. No doubt it will get some subtle weathering nonetheless, along with a crew of course. 

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