Sunday, 11 July 2021

Loctern Quay featured in BRM

Loctern Quay is featured in the August issue of British Railway Modelling magazine.

My little 009 layout gets 8 pages, with lots of photographs including a double-page spread, and a little "thumbnail" on the cover.

I spent an afternoon in the garden taking a selection of photos in good light, and they have come out really well, so it is nice to see so many of them used. I think the BRM team have done a great job setting out the article. 



Phil Parker said...

I think it looks great on the page - your photos are excellent and the text is a good read.

It also tickles me that we've got Pete Waterman's massive layout in one part of the mag and the complete opposite in another! It just goes to show how varied railway modelling is.

(Blatant plug)If anyone wants to see the article for free, sign up to the trail of World of Railways Plus and when the mag hits the newsstands, you'll see it digitally, and all the backnumbers, and all the other magazines. (Including the excellent Garden Rail)

Phil Parker said...

I should have included the World of Railways link:

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