Friday, 4 June 2021


I came across Fair Price Models who have a small but interesting range of laser-cut wood building kits. What struck me is this low-relief stables/workshop kit (available in 4mm and 7mm scales)...

It looks familiar, because back in 2011 I built a remarkably similar building in 7mm scale for my O14  Landswood Park Farm box-file layout:

OK the height of the loft store is different, but otherwise the proportions and details are spot on, even the windows and doors. 

Now that layout was inspired by a visit to Tatton Park Farm, but this building was not based on a prototype but "freelanced" in a similar style to fit the scene, and the outline was evolved during planning. If there is a real building that looks like this I've not seen it, though I wouldn't be surprised as it was meant to look plausible.

So, coincidence or inspired? 


Christopher Payne said...


I cannot say if this is "coincidence or inspired".

But I will say that your model in general building construction terms is the superior for the following reasons.

[1] Although the soldier courses over the left hand door and small window may make some sense, the same cannot be said for the kit upper door. Given the protruding beam above it - in reality this beam would have a pulley on it for raising items to the upper story - a simple but substantial lintel (alternate spelling "lintol") would be likely. You got this right.

[2] The large double doors below would appear to be the sliding type as per you model. However, the kit version seems to have them inside the walls but there is insufficient room to the right (as we look at it) to permit that door to fully open. Your version with the doors on the outer face makes good sense and you have a suitable length of wall in relation to the door and opening width.

Christopher Payne

Simon Cox said...

Oooh eerily similar. Mr Payne is spot on though - your original is far superior.