Tuesday 13 October 2015

Taking a ride by model train

On Sunday afternoon we happened across the Worthing and District Society of Model Engineers running an open day for their 5" gauge railway. They hold public running days a couple of Sundays a month from April to October, and have a selection of nicely made and kept locos to give rides around the track.

These little locos are not only superbly detailed models, but surprisingly powerful too. As well as the 5" gauge there are rails for 3.5" and 2.5" gauge models.

The track is raised with carriages that passengers sit astride, and loops around the field twice in a folded figure-of-eight format. Going under the bridge (which is taken at speed ready for the gradient beyond) which has rather limited clearance was rather exciting for someone as tall as me! During our visit four trains were circulating, kept safe by a proper block signalling system with 3-aspect colour lights.

Good to see they have a sense of humour too. If you don't get this, it goes back a few years.

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