Tuesday, 22 September 2015


A few more pictures of the new fiddle yard, showing how it's attached to the layout. I'd managed to make it the same width of Awngate (20% by design 80% luck I think), so I was able to use the split-hinge method. These make a very strong and rigid join, provide good alignment, and are quick and easy to join and disconnect.

One hinge is attached to the back of the layout, quite high up, and at the front another was attached lower down - this explains the "pillar" at the front corner. I removed the "wing" from Awngate to fit it - it will be refitted over the top.

The original fiddle yard made electrical contact via wire wipers touching contact pads on the layout, so it made sense to use the same method for the new fiddle yard. I've used strips of brass, though I'm not convinced they are strong enough, but seem to work for now.

Finally a view through the fiddle yard towards the layout, I've allowed plenty of finger space between each track. The front track is aligned, meaning the back of the deck is only just clear of the wall to the right.


Phil Parker said...

Hooray - Someone else using split hinges! I've been banging on about them for years and people just look at me like I'm crazy and then mumber something about dowels and bolts.

Michael Campbell said...

Yes they don't seem to be the accepted "proper" way of doing it, yet I think they are a good engineering solution as well as being easy to fit and effective in use. They should provide as good alignment as dowels, and make a stronger join than bolts - I can lift one end of the layout and there's no flex at the join. They are cheap too!

I do think you need to use large ones - these are 3", but I know folks that have used small ones and complained they've not been effective.

Chris Ford said...

This looks to be a great improvement. I found the old cassette system a bit fidley. Probably OK for home by not slick enough for exhibitions. Excellent job.

Michael Campbell said...

Thanks - yes, that was the motivation. Feel free to try the new system at an exhibition...!