Sunday, 13 September 2015

Fiddle Yard Structure

Progress with the new fiddle yard has been slow, it is proving quite fiddly and complicated, but it is now coming together. As you can see the structure is assembled - so far it works as expected!

The back panel has gained a couple of shelves which will provide useful storage for spare stock, tools, and coffee cups at exhibitions, as well as adding rigidity. The board has been fitted up to Awngate and the level of the deck matches (phew!).

The slide and twist demonstration. The rotating deck now has a pair of hinged handles - when up they lock the rotating deck to the traverser, when down they provide end-stops to the tracks preventing runaways during rotating.

The underside, which has proved tricky due to the limited depth of the board. The drawer runners are doubled-up to provide sufficient travel, and fitted under the ends of the traverser. I've fitted a number of microswitches - of which more when I've wired them up - but strips of the PVC sheet have proved ideal for the microswitch rollers to run along, so there are strips of PVC running across the board between the traverser and fixed frame.

A close-up of one end showing how the handle holds the rotating deck to the traverser, how the drawer runners are fitted and doubled-up via a small strip of wood, and how the sliding deck slots into the fixed end. Also visible is one of the microswitches fixed to the frame, and the PVC strip under the traverser that pushes against it.

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