Monday, 29 June 2015

Two Green Engines

With most of the painting done here's the Atkinson-Walker and the Hunslet, in different shades of green. Well, it adds variety!

The Hunslet uses Halfords Racing Green enamel aerosol, as used on some of my O14 i/c locos. It has perhaps a shade too much blue in it, but does look rather smart. The shiny finish will be toned down and lightly weathered shortly.

The Atkinson Walker uses Heathcote Ford Meadow Green. When weathered it should give a slightly faded appearance. I've not yet fitted the cab doors or interior "details", and I've noticed the wheels could do with toning down too.

Unfortunately painting black enamel over the acrylic aerosol has reacted, causing crazing. I've only seen this with with cellulose paint before, but I guess I could strip it off and re-paint with acrylic. It's only happened on the roof though, so right now I'm thinking of leaving it alone - it adds a nice texture, and with a little weathering it might look good.

1 comment:

James said...

I would leave the roof as it is - once weathered it'l give a nice bit of texture to an area which gets covered in all sorts of horribly corrosive stuff from the exhaust!