Friday, 5 June 2015

Pendon Museum Part 2

So on to the main displays at Pendon - and since there were a few comments appreciating the last lot, no apologies for another stack of photos!

First we come to the Dartmoor scene, with this impressive viaduct and distant moorland scenery. There's also a station, though the glass made photography difficult.

Probably the best known is the Vale scene, which covers a huge area. While that is in itself impressive, it is the standard of modelling and level of detail that impresses most - despite the size of the model, the standard is consistently high.

The closer you look, the more realistic scenes appear. Of course this has been created by a team of people over decades (and is not yet complete), so the scale is beyond what an individual can achieve, but that doesn't stop it being inspiring.

The whole scene represents a little part of England in the 1930's, while not based on an actual place the buildings are all modelled on real ones. The textures and colouring are superb.

Now my wife, who is encouraging of my hobby but not particularly interested herself, was very impressed - I think she enjoyed the visit more than she expected to - which says a lot about it! Of course I took loads of photos, if you'd like to see more I have uploaded the better ones here.

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neil whitehead said...

Damn fine modelling!