Sunday, 3 August 2014

More fun in the sun at Tinkers Park

You may have noticed that I haven't done much modelling recently, but I have made the most of the weather visiting a few real NG lines! And so it was with the Tinker's Park rally this weekend, a friend and I took our 7 year old boys along to have fun riding the 2' gauge "Great Bush Railway (we couldn't decide whether it was the railway or the bush that was "great"), two miniature railways, and a steam traction engine.

There were no visiting locos this year, but a passenger train was run by the O&K 0-6-0 "Sao Domingos", and Motor Rail 4wDM "Wolf".

In addition there were three halls of model railways, quite a good show though not a great deal of NG. Lots of traders too, mostly of the new and second-hand 00 variety.

Despite a threatening cloud it was a fine day, and a good day out with the kids.


James H said...

Michael which layout is the Kerr Stuart 'princess' off? is it 0-16.5? Looks great.

Michael Campbell said...

Yes it's O-16.5, on Rivendell by Brandon Evans. Nice layout and super stock.