Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Narrow Gathering in the Downs.

Last Saturday, deep in the Sussex Downs, there was a gathering of enthusiasts of narrow gauge and industrial railway models. I'd been asked to bring along Thakeham Tiles to join a number of other small layouts and models. Amongst the chatting, jelly and ice cream, I did get a few photos.

I've been following the development of Chris O'Donoghue's Compass Point on the NGRM forum, so it was nice to see the (unfinished) layout.

Chris Krupa's Sapple Marine (I think!) is small and beautifully executed.

"Roving Reporter" Mick Thornton filled a table with his kit-bashed stock, which is an inadequate term to describe the models that show superb skill and ingenuity in their construction. Here's a line-up of Irish style railcars, mostly built from the old Peco/Merit plastic bus kit!

Simon Hargraves brought his Brightwells Pumping Station Tramway, a 009 layout that has been dormant for years and is only now being completed. It's a small, simple layout that folds in half, with the hinges cunningly hidden by the road-bridge. But it still has character and interest.

And it certainly amused my son for a while... Rent-an-Operator anyone?

There were many other excellent models too, all in a great day out. You can see more pictures here.


Iain Robinson said...

Thought I recognised you on Chris's blog! I love that Sapple Marine and the Compass Point layout, the scene is already very atmospheric. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Michael Campbell said...

Yes, hadn't noticed he snapped me!