Monday, 5 May 2014

Thakeham gets a spruce-up

I was rather pleased with the tidy plywood fascia of Thakeham, though I confess the neat front corner joint was more good luck than skill. However I'd always intended to smarten up the bare wood, it just wasn't top priority to get the layout finished in time for EXPO, and after that the house move disrupted things.

So as you can see I've taken advantage of the recent fine weather to give the plywood a coat of woodstain. It's come out slightly darker than I intended (you can never judge by the tin) but it looks good. The view below taken of the layout in our lounge shows off the neat finish, though the lighting is rather harsh! Also just visible is that the gap between the top of the sky and the upper edge has been painted in matt black.

Thakeham will be appearing at the SWING show in Bognor on the 17th May - which is the catalyst for this spruce up - so do pop by and say hi!

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