Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year! Here's to a busy 2014...

Happy New Year to all readers! I notice many Bloggers are posting reviews of 2013. The modelling highlights of the year for me were completing Thakeham for EXPO in October, and the 009 Society Convention in September, plus seeing Landswood Park in print in the Industrial & Narrow Gauge Review. I also finished some interesting stock projects in 009 and O14, and got to some good exhibitions.

The end of the year was dominated by a house-move, things are now settling down but of course modelling time has been limited, and may be for a while yet, and much of my modelling tools and materials is still in boxes somewhere. However Awngate has been given a new home on top of an Ikea shelving unit in our new lounge/diner. One of those box-files also contains a layout!

Christmas has brought some interesting presents including a new controller (of which more later, but first I need to find a DIN plug), a Langley kit for a WW1 Hunslet loco, and a book about yet more obscure and interesting railways!

So with the projects I listed back in November yet to be tackled as well, I have plenty to get on with in 2014. It is looking like it will be a busy year, as I also have some exhibitions lined up:

  • Awngate will be at Narrow Gauge South West, Shepton Mallet, on the 15th February, so I need to make sure it still works!
  • Thakeham Tiles will be at SWING in Bognor, on the 17th May
  • Awngate will also be representing the Sussex Downs 009 Group at a show in Patcham, Brighton, on 14th June.

This in addition to the DIY jobs that are being lined up, and once I have got around to decorating my son's bedroom he'd like a bigger train set!
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