Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

It is time to wish all readers and friends a Happy Christmas! Yes Santa is on his way, and if you don't believe me check out NORAD, apparently Rudolph's nose is hot enough to be tracked by their missile-tracking equipment!

It seems customary to post a wintry railway or model scene, but I don't have one. So instead here are the results of my kids' Playmobil advent calendars! My daughter's is at least trying to be in the spirit of Christmas, with Santa and an Angel feeding the forest animals. I don't recall which Gospel that was in, so not sure the relevance to advent...

... but my son's haunted pirate island scene is even further from Christmas!

Aah well, we've enjoyed their School and Sunday School nativity plays, so hopefully they understand Christmas is about more than Santa and Pirates.


Anonymous said...

Over on the 'Changing Worship' Blog, Robb has been doing creative children's work with Playmobile models: http://changingworship.com/2013/12/12/pass-the-nativity/

Over here Nativities and services happen on the 24th and children open presents afterwards, wich seems to be the right order.

Michael Campbell said...

That looked a great idea. I know that Playmobil do a Nativity scene but not as an Advent calender (that I have seen), anyway these were on offer...!

When the family is together present-opening takes all day as it is, we wouldn't get it done in an evening!