Sunday, 19 May 2013

Shopping at the SWING Show

The "SWING" Show (Small and Wonderful Industrial and Narrow Gauge) held in Bognor by the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association local group has become a show to look forward to, and this year as usual hosted a selection of top Narrow-Gauge and Industrial model railways. Quite a few of the layouts I'd seen before at specialist shows, but several I hadn't, and they were all worth seeing.

It was great to see Giles Favell's "The End of the Line" again, and see the radio control lorries after the recent NG&IRM Review article. My Son loved the tipping NG trucks, the "big" train, and the working lorry, and insisted we vote it as best layout (I can't argue with that).

Another layout it was nice to see again was "Southern Cross" (009) by Des Trollip, this won last year's "Pizza" challenge at EXPO-NG. This time it had a lighting rig fitted, and could be viewed from all angles, allowing some views I hadn't seen last time, and showing the level of detail in this small model.

There was a very nice model of Wantage in 7mm by Dave Cox, and even a ride-on (5" gauge?) steam train in the garden. However the award for the most original and fun layout has to go to the Lumpy Barmcake and Salted Cracker Railway by Matt Wildsmith!

However for me the show proved very useful, allowing me to stock up on a number of essential and otherwise difficult to obtain items - including rail, switches and connectors, embossed sheet, Testors Dullcote, glue, and some figures. All required for Thakeham - I had taken a shopping list!

Anyway if you want more pictures click here.

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