Friday, 18 January 2013

Finishing the Skylark build

Well this one seems to have taken a long time to build, mainly because I've spent very little time on it recently! However it is worth taking time over the finishing of a model as it does make a difference. For example the roof casting is nice and clean, but works out a scale 6-8 inches thick, whereas in all the photos the Skylark roof is clearly very thin. So I decided to make a new one from plasticard, a sheet was taped to a tin can and dunked in boiling water. The roof was made from 3 laminations for strength and stability, the lower two layers cut to fit within the sides and the top one has chamfered edges. A sheet of brass may have been better still, but I find it easier to add the details in plastic.

The cab interior looked rather empty, and with no motor in there it was easy to knock up a firebox and backhead with more plastic. The gauges are stamped out of plastic sheet with a leather punch, while the safety valve cover is the end of a fountain pen ink cartridge! There's also a wire handbrake lever on the left of the cab. It may not be very accurate, but it's enough when viewed through the cab-sides.

Other details include the sand-box with it's pipes, and the operating rod from the cab. The couplings are screwed to plastic packing pieces behind the buffer beams, they will be removed for painting as will the cab roof and firebox. I then spent a while removing excess glue and fettling inside the body to get it to sit flat on the chassis again!

So now, along with the coaches, it awaits primer and paint. There may be some smoothing and filling to do as the primer shows up imperfections. However, right now it is far too cold to be spray-painting in the garage!
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Iain Robinson said...

This is looking very sweet. I bought the magazine with your article in it this week, and what with your super stuff and the wonderful Rhyd, I am now becoming fascinated by things like this...who knows. A lovely little loco, I can't wait to see it painted.