Saturday, 10 March 2012

Super Small Layout Show

Son and I paid a visit to the Arundel show put on by the Wealden Railway Group. It's only a small show, in a small scout hall, but with an excellent selection of small layouts, most of which are rarely seen in public. What's more it is friendly (if a little cosy in that small hall!) and the entrance fee even includes a hot drink. Good stuff! It was nice to chat to Chris of Wood End fame, while Son tested the robustness of the switches on his layout Rhiw.

Anyway here's a selection of pics from my camera. You can see the rest here. My son took some on his Kiddizoom camera too, but they were a bit blurry!

This large-scale (Gn15?) estate railway set in the highlands featured a castle complete with bagpiper, and some great details such as this Land Rover - built from card, apparently

I've seen this layout featuring a brewery before, but it is one of the best minimum-space shunting layouts I have seen in 00 gauge, which is not good as it gives me ideas ....!

Another large-scale layout with almost everything made from card!

This layout I last saw at an EXPO-NG a few yeats back as a challenge entry. The colouring and detailing is spot-on, but it's main feature is this working traverser.


neil whitehead said...

thanks for the photos. Being stuck down in the south west of France has some advantages but being able to get to model railway expos isn't one of them! Have an enormous barn and other outbuildings but people keep wanting to pay us to come and stay in them so I have no room for a full size layout so the minimum space ones give me inspiration. Having reached my 16th proper birthday the layout will be started this year!

Hasleham said...

Are you able to provide more details of th OO brewery layout, e.g. name - I'm interested in finding the trackplan if the layout is featured on a website anywhere. Thanks

Michael Campbell said...

Neil - that sounds tough! I would recommend a small layout, not only do they take up less space they can be more sociable (in the house) and much quicker and easier to finish to a good standard, big projects can get bogged down. For those of us with limited time (as well as space and budget) they are achievable.

Haslesham - I don't think there was a show guide, and I missed the name of the layout. I also can't remember what show I saw it at last. However thinking what you are thinking, I took a photo of the whole layout here:

(or check out the album linked in the post). You can see the whole trackplan, the rear four tracks going under the bridge go onto a sector plate, the front one to a canalside warehouse in front.

Hasleham said...

Thanks for providing the link to the additional photo.


Chris Ford said...

H: The layout that I think you mean is Mike Denwood's 'Fawcett Street' and was featured in RM's Compact Layout supplement a while back. I have the info you require.