Thursday, 8 March 2012

Floors and Doors

I had left the track unballasted and the ground uncovered but for a bit of paint where the loco shed was to go, but for EXPO I thought it needed disguising, and so gave the area a covering of static grass and some foliage for an "overgrown" look. Of course now that means clearing all that away, and getting the ground as level as I can! You can also see that I have opened up a hole in the sky behind the shed...

The ground doesn't need to be too tidy as the shed will have a cement floor, I've used card for this as it has a little texture, plain plasticard can look too smooth. As you can see it has been cut to fit within the building, and right up to and just below the top of the rails, it is not yet stuck down so I can paint it first. I need to check clearances on the strip between the rails, and I may put in an inspection pit - well, only down to baseboard height, but painted black and inside the shed no-one will know!

The shed is pretty much ready for painting now. I've added the flashing to the roof using tissue paper, although as it has gone pretty much see-through it is hard to see here. The corners of the lap-boarded walls have a trim strip. A door-frame has been added, and of course I have made the doors. No, they aren't fitted yet either! I'll stick them in place once painted and the building is stuck in place. I need to put in wall to hold back the ground in front, otherwise the woden walls would rot.  I'm not sure about gutters, I haven't yet found some nice scale ones that will stand being this close to the front of the layout - and anyway, they may be too much of a luxury for this building!

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