Thursday, 2 February 2012

Flat-Pack Shed

I've spent a happy while looking through books for inspiration for the style of the loco shed, I've settled on wooden boarding with a small brick plinth. This seems most likely for the style and age of the line, and is consistent with the good shed and the Wantage inspiration. Anyway, there is plenty of brick around on the model already! I'm still undecided on a slate or corrugated iron roof.

So to work, I had a couple of sheets of Wills wood boarding which should just do it. This stuff is 2-3mm thick so a pain to work, straight lines can be scored and snapped (with a lot of scoring) but window openings are a pain to cut out with a knife. The trick is to drill a hole or two, then pass a fretsaw blade through. As you can see my portable workbench has a special V-shaped support to help with this!

So two walls and an end are ready, the other end will be plain plastic. The back wall (top) has had it's inside scored to represent the inside of the boarding. Window openings have been recessed from behind so they are not so deeply set - I changed my mind about the windows as the curved-top ones in the last post wouldn't look right in a wooden structure, so I'll be using Wills ones.

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Chris Ford said...

Seems to be Wills sheet all-round at the moment. Looks good.

Christian said...

Looking good Michael! Will this be in place for Narrow Gauge South?

Michael Campbell said...

That's the plan ...!

Iain Robinson said...

Yup, this is looking very promising! You have my sympathies with the Wills sheet. I am sure they could use it to replace ageing armour on tanks! Looking forward to the finished shed.