Monday, 21 March 2011

Detailing the Lister

So here is the finished article, with all the details added, cleaned up and ready for painting. All I need to do now is find a suitable primer, normally Halfords' works for me, but I am not sure it is best for brass?

Assembly has used a mixture of methods. I have soldered where I could - for example the bonnet assembly, sand pipes, lifting rings, driver's seat and sanding levers. However the mass of the footplate assembly has made soldering practically impossible for my 25W iron, and also I didn't want other parts coming un-soldered while I soldered new ones on! So most of the details have stuck in place with superglue or epoxy.

The gearstick used a pin from the wife's sewing kit, a little filing made the head more rounded. This seemed easier than filing a handrail knob to a ball shape as suggested in the instructions. I hadn't fitted the clutch pedal at the time of the photos, having checked some photos and where the driver's foot will go I can glue it in place before painting.

The holes in the buffer beam weights for the couplings can be seen, the buffer/coupler casting has been mounted about 1/2mm high to clear the couplings. The mis-casting of the sideframes has been rectified with a little filler, although from normal angles it was barely visible.

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Phil Parker said...

Looks good. You nead an etching primer for brass. Halfords sometimes do one but I use Eastwood etch primer, available from Frost auto. 14 quid a can but as longas the metal is clean (give it a scrub with Shiny Sinks cleaner) the stuff sticks brilliantly.

Chris Ford said...

I was going to say wash in some sort of cleaner, but now you've added superglue to the mix I'm not so sure. If you do.. PUT THE PLUG IN! You don't want to lose bits down the drain.