Friday, 3 December 2010

Let it Snow!

We woke to about 8 inches of snow yesterday morning. Since we live very close to the Channel this is most unusual, and is the most snow I have ever seen in this part of Sussex. Mind you, given the last couple of winters it seems to be getting more common! I had been meaning to get a snow shovel, but of course never got around to it. So while in the village my wife popped into the local hardware store; they had sold out, but they were selling what she described as boards of wood nailed to posts! I suspect they had been very enterprising and making their own in the timber store next door!

Well my wife though I could do that myself, so I did! The board is some of that foamed PVC I got from the marketing department at work, the handle a leftover piece of 2" square softwood. OK it is not exactly ergonomic or pretty, but it is surprisingly effective at clearing the path and drive!

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Anonymous said...

We joined our neighbours to clear nearly a foot of snow from our little dead-end road here in the Peak District.

For a boating and railway enthusiast it was stretching things a bit because the job was to liberate everyone's cars and clear the middle of the road to allow them to get out.

Still the car is a useful adjunct to town living since it allows the weekly supermarket trip to happen and saves the vagaries of internet grocery shopping.