Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Another new arrival!

OK, so it isn't anywhere as significant as the last post, but a small parcel arrived in the post today (along with various parcels of little pink dresses etc.) containing the Paul Windle Hunslet loco I ordered at EXPONG back in October (actually it arrived earlier than expected, Paul had suggested May). And what a super little loco it is, with a rather elegant outline. Here's a photo of it pulling it's first passenger train out of Awngate. 

Paul suggests that some ballast would improve running, so I shall have to fit some lead, but it does seem to run smoothly. Also, like several of my loco's, a crew wouldn't go amis! However Paul has even fitted the microtrains couplers already, so it is literally "ready-to-run", just as well given my available modelling time at the moment!

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Mike Beard said...

Well Michael,

Call the loco "Lucy Ann", get in touch with Guildplates in Guildford and order the plates now and when the lady in question gets older she will love you for ever!

Good choice of loco too.

Michael Campbell said...

Mike - that's really not a bad idea, I might get around to that sometime. Thanks for the suggestion!