Sunday, 25 January 2009

Toronto and Niagara

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, here I am updating my blog from a Hotel room on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. No, it's not a Holiday, I'm here to do some work, but since flights are far cheaper if they include a Satuday night stay, and as I've never been to Canada before, I have had a day exploring. So here are some pictures of Niagara falls, the CN tower in Toronto, and a Toronto Tram! (well I had to get something Railway-orientated in!)

As expected I didn't do much modelling over Christmas, but I have done a few bits and bobs since, although between other distractions and I've not had time to update the Blog. Since I can't do much modelling this week (though I did smuggle some couplings to make up into the suitcase!) I have a couple of updates lined up. Watch this space!

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