Monday, 26 January 2009

Recent progress

So the recent distractions included clearing and decorating the second bedroom for Son. I did find time one evening while getting the decorating stuff from the garage, to make up these two wooden "spacers" to sit on the front top corners of the layout and lift the lighting bar/pelmet another 2 inches higher. This obviously can't be done at home (see picture below!) but will make it easier to view at exhibitions.

You will also see they, and the rest of the visible woodwork on the layout, has been varnished to match the rest of the furniture around it. (I made use of the empty, uncarpeted bedroom!) Now it fits into the room quite smartly! The cable for the lights is normally tucked behind the layout.

Finally there is a picture of my "portable" workbench. I have started making up kits for a few wagons, there's a WHR van, 2 Glyn Valley opens, and a Welshpool sheep wagon. I've a few more to make up if I get time before the show. Behind them are my Christmas presents, a selection of whitemetal people from Montys, which have had a visit to the garage to be primed with Halfords primer, along with the lorry mentioned previously. It
looks like the pain shops will need to get busy soon!


Phil Parker said...

That is a very nice looking until you've built for the layout. It really shows the model off well as well as fitting nicely into the room - something others could copy.

Anonymous said...

You know - I really am enjoying this.