Monday, 22 October 2007

Smallest Micro-Layout Ever?

Still not much progress on the layout, however on a recent family holiday to Devon I managed to slip in a trip to Pecorama. If you are ever in the area it is well worth a visit, great for families of all ages as well as model railway enthusiasts. Needless to say I spent some time and money browsing the shop and I now have all the track I need (I had some point salvaged from a previous layout but not enough). I also bought some card kits from Metcalf Models I intend to use for the factory, and low-relief houses for the back of the layout.

As an aside, I noticed the other day my 10-month old boy was playing with a micro-model railway layout. Indeed, it is what is often called a "Pizza" layout, featuring a circular track plan. It came with his Fisher-Price Peekaboo block train. It features a tunnel and train with 2-2-0 loco and 2 wagons, it even has digital control - that's right, you put your finger in a hole in the top of the block and spin it round! Is this the smallest micro-layout?

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Zabdiel said...

Two other contenders for the smallest pizza are Tuppenny Handley in OO9 by Phil Savage (which I guess you've seen) and in Gn15 by Jim Favre

John Proctor

Michael Campbell said...

I should point out that this one is 5cm (2 inches) cubed!

Still, it isn't really a proper model railway! And those two (yes I have seen Tuppenny Handley) are magnificent. Though they wouldn't stand up to my baby boy!