Monday, 29 October 2007

EXPO NG 2007

On Saturday I was at "EXPO-NG", the biggest narrow-gauge model railway exhibition in the UK. As usual there was an excellent selection of layouts in a range of scales and gauges. In addition there is good trade support from the specialist suppliers to narrow gauge modellers, so it is an ideal oppotunity to see the products of traders you rarely see at other shows.

I took my camera and have posted photo's of most of the layouts here:
I know there are probably one or two I missed, also there was a "Pizza Layout" competition which I did photograph but they didn't come out to well, expect to see them on shortly!

I was helping out on the 009 society stand (well part of the day anyway), and managed to put together a few couplings and a wagon kit. One of the best things about shows like this is meeting people you only ever see at these shows!

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Simon Cox said...

And thanks for bringing your own little micro pizza Michael! Glad you enjoyed the event.