Monday, 19 September 2022


Hexworthy has been an arid desert for too long, so I figured it was time to start making it green. Before static grass and other scenics I like to start with a base layer of traditional flock scatter, it makes sure the brown plaster is well covered and doesn't show through. 

I use a range of colours, I seem to have collected many packs. The first layer may not give an even coverage, but another layer of PVA and scatter gives a deep even coat. A little ground foam scatter is used for the second layer too, creating patches of roughness that will hopefully make the static grass "tufty", 

I've blended different colours to give a varied appearance, and used deeper greens where there will be trees and near the river, and lighter colours for open ground, aiming to blend with the backscene. 

It's surprising what a basic layer of green does to bring the layout to life. There's much more to do to the groundwork, but I need to think about the river and the playground too. 

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