Sunday, 27 December 2020

A blue Terrier

I got this delightful blue Terrier tank engine for Christmas. The mobile phone photos do make it look a little lurid, but it is quite a bright blue. 

The livery and lettering is for the Kent & East Sussex Railway, a light railway that is now preserved. The model is by Hornby.

The detailing is nicely done, including the cab interior and back-head, and the lining is very fine. I'm sure it could do with a little light weathering though. 

You may have noticed that, once again, I have a standard gauge loco posed on a narrow gauge layout... and don't in fact have a layout to run it on!


James H said...

Although I do have a OO layout, it’s industrial, yet I have a pair of these too! My blue one was repainted as a Col Stephens style machine and named Hecate, but I’ve not got any further with plans for the Kentish Weald cameo. I look forward to seeing what diversion the blue one brings you...

Woody said...

Hi Michael, That is a nice loco! No layout to run it on almost sounds like "just yet' has been missed off that statement. If there were ever an excuse for a layout that loco has to be it! Thanks for your blog entries over another year and probably more so in 2020 they have kept me and no doubt many others this side of sanity! Hope that 2021 is a good one for you and e blogging continues along with possibly a small 00 layout?