Monday, 12 October 2020

Over-size Ruston

 I recently got another toy - the Hornby little Ruston shunter suits my interests in industrial locos, and is ideal for small layouts. I'm also rather partial to some wasp stripes!

It is tiny - but of course, it isn't actually 009, so I don't have a layout to run it on! For now it will join the growing collection of industrial OO locos, the irony of this little OO loco is that it is smaller than several of my 009 locos. 

Despite being small it is a finely detailed model, though no doubt someday it will get a little weathering to bring it to life more. The open cab could use a crew too, but is clear of motor. 

It comes coupled to a truck for additional pickups, though it more than doubles the length of the loco. I'm well used to 4-wheel locos in narrow gauge models so I don't see the need for that, so I will have to figure out how to disconnect it at some point. I'll also need to fit the couplings. However, without a layout, there seems no rush...

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Unknown said...

Hi, for a moment I picturd a mixed gauge siding on the layout! I too have some of these locomotives. The wagon unplugs, mechanically and electrically and a standard coupler may be inserted in the rear of the loco. Same as for any small light 0-4-0 clean track and live frogs it will run finely. Must do something industrial myself, the things keep breeding!

Andrew Knights