Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Sentinel... or two?

Every now and then a model comes along that you can't resist, even though it doesn't suit your layout - or even fit the track! Well, look what I've got:


It's a Hornby Sentinel. I do like a small industrial loco, especially with outside frames and whirly rods, even a diesel! This type dates from the early 1960's and some are still in use I believe, so could be suitable for a wide span of periods, although the livery may be a bit modern for earlier times. It's actually an incredibly well detailed model, down to the sand pipes and windscreen wipers - and for that it's very good value. I've not yet had chance to run it, I'll have to persuade my Son to get his train-set out this weekend...


I have to confess it's not the first Sentinel I've got - I have one of the steam vertical boiler locos too. Two generations of industrial shunter, now where are those plans for a shunting layout?


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