Saturday, 1 August 2015

First Steps

Manning the 009 society stand at Amberley the idea was to do some modelling as a demonstration. However rather than have him spend hours on his DS I thought I'd take some projects along for my son to have a go at too. First up was this signal box from a Metcalf kit, which had come with a Railway Modeller a while back.

Joshua loved putting it together, though I did end up helping with the cutting out, and glue spreading... still, he did a good job, and was desperate to build something else. So we moved on to a simple plastic kit for a platelayer's hut (Ratio I think). Again I helped - mostly cleaning up the parts where they'd been cut from the sprue, and holding the parts while Joshua glued them. He was impressed with the speed it went together using liquid solvent, and can't wait to have a go at painting it.

Both buildings have now been positioned on his train set, next we'll have to have a go at making brick retaining walls and tunnels I think.

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Phil Parker said...

Brilliant. People always say that kids aren't interested but if you get them making something, it's amazing how many are thrilled by it.