Friday, 13 February 2015

Train Set Features

I thought I'd post a few more pictures of my Son's train set, last seen when I'd just finished the track-laying and wiring. The few buildings so far are Hornby, most of which came from my childhood train-set, they are nice and robust which is ideal for this situation. They are stuck to the board with impact adhesive for when the board is folded up.

A busy view with some favourite trains on view! Lots of brick walling will be needed.

I found my old car transporter wagon and loading ramp, which adds a bit of fun.

Joshua got given a PECO turntable for his Birthday, so we spent a little time putting the kit together. I'd left enough space for it, so it was simply a case of mark out the circle and cut out with a jig-saw.

The kit is easy enough to assemble, so soon it was in place and having the tracks laid. The turn-table track takes it's power from the approach track, but I have yet to power the spur tracks - I'm sure there is a clever way to power them from the turntable position but I'll probably use a rotary switch.

Finally - in use! That track to the right needs a bridge now...

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