Saturday, 4 October 2014

Recent Acquisitions

My birthday was last month and I got a couple of new toys...

More motive power for "Thakeham" and "Landswood Park", though first I need to source a chassis for 14mm gauge.

"WDLR Album" from Roy Link was published just in time! It's a superb publication, as the title suggests it is packed with photos that are reproduced to a very high standard. The text is interesting too, much is from contemporary articles, and there are a number of high-quality drawings too. Definitely recommended.

Finally - I've changed my car. Now with an exhibition commitment in a couple of weeks I could be concerned about fitting the layout in ... but looking at the size of the boot, I don't think I've any cause for concern!

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Leigh said...

Just in middle of building one of the Hunslet kits. Really nice model.