Thursday, 13 February 2014

Awngate braced for a Storm!

The layout is as ready as it will be, and I'm packing up for Narrow Gauge South West in Shepton Mallet. However the weather forecast is for gales and heavy rain, including when I'll be loading the layout into the car and unloading Saturday morning. So it seemed wise for some last-minute thinking about protection for the layout.

Apologies for the poor photos, but the solution is simple. Two black bin-bags are opened flat (but left double-thickness) and taped together, then taped to the back of the back-scene. The lighting bar makes a helpful rail to drape them over and some tape at the ends should stop too much flapping about. We shall see how effective this is, but it is better than a rain-splattered sky, uprooted trees, and missing roofs. That would be just too realistic!

If you can get to the show it promises some excellent layouts, and do say hi...

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